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The Upcoming H-1B Cap Season - Buckle Up for Turbulence

Turbulent Times Dec 2019.pdf

Article: The USCIS’s March 31, 2017 Computer Programmer Memo: A Pre-textual, Improper Conclusion, or a Legally Supported Policy Position?

USCIS Computer Programmer Memo Article.docx.pdf

January 2017 Executive Order - Q&A

Immigration Executive Order Q and A.docx.pdf


H-1B Visa Q&A, January 2018

H-1B Q and A 2018.pdf

STEM OPT I-983 Training Plan Outline

I-983 STEM OPT EAD Outline.docx

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) 

USCIS Case Tracking Tool

USCIS Online Address Change

USCIS Civil Surgeon Locater

U.S. Department of State, Consulates and Embassies

USCIS Processing Time Reports (links on left-hand side of page)

U.S. Department of State, Visa Bulletin

USCIS Guide for Permanent Residents - Please note: pages 7 through 18, discuss requirements to maintain permanent resident status.  One should always file U.S. tax returns as a resident, obey the law, and make sure to consult with legal counsel before planning any extended trips outside of the U.S. of greater than 3 months.  One can choose to apply for U.S. citizenship at any time after 5 years of being granted permanent resident status.

9/14/17 Review of HR 3711, Legal Workforce Act

The Legal Workforce Act.docx.pdf

July 2017 I-9 & Compliance Update

2017 I-9 & Compliance Update.docx.pdf

USCIS, E-Verify Information

Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), Worksite Enforcement Information

Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices

USCIS, I-9 Information

Historical Reference 1987 I-9 Form

Ye Olde I 9.pdf

AILA's Leadership Blog

Immigration Policy Center

Immigration Works USA

Historical Debate on Immigration Policy, Part 1

Historical Debate Part 1.pdf

Historical Debate on Immigration Policy, Part 2

Historical Debate Part 2.pdf