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Organizations and individuals have a variety of choices in the marketplace and my practice appreciates the opportunity to provide clients with high quality service at competitive rates with flexible billing arrangements.

Upon contacting my office, we will determine if we can assist with the matter and arrange for an initial consultation.  After the consultation, if you or your organization desires to hire my office for representation, an engagement letter will be sent for signature and return within 30 days.  Failure to return the signed engagement letter with payment within 30 days will terminate my office’s offer for services.

My office offers organizations and individuals flexible billing arrangements for representation, either on an hourly or fixed-fee basis.

Typically, organizational clients establish one General Immigration matter, billed on an hourly basis, but also utilize fixed-fee terms for projects or the preparation and filing of specific cases.  In the event a specific fixed-fee application or petition requires additional, post-filing work, that work is typically done on an hourly-basis with a fixed-fee cap.

Hourly-billed matters are generally billed on a monthly-basis.  Fixed-fee matters are invoiced at the beginning of the engagement.  The preferred form of payment is by check made payable to "Weigel Law Office, LLC."